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     What are Legends Cars?

     What are Thunder Roadsters?

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Legends Cars

Legends Cars were created in 1992 by 600 Racing, Inc. of North Carolina to address the main concern of many racers - the spiraling cost of the sport.  A need existed for a true purpose-built racing car which was inexpensive, light, and adaptable to many forms of racing.  The Legends Car was born.  Strict rules limiting modifications keep the costs down and the competition fierce.

The Legends Car is a real race car, consisting of a tubular frame and roll cage, a 125 horsepower motorcycle engine run through a locked differential, and tight, responsive steering.  Total weight is approx. 1150 lbs.  While it was originally designed for oval track racing, the car is right at home on the road course when properly prepared.


Wheelbase - 73"
Overall Width - 60"
Overall Length - 10'6"
Height - 46"
Engine - Yamaha 1250cc
Weight - 1150 lbs.
Tires - BFGoodrich Comp TA 205-13R60
Wheels - 7" X 13"
Suspension -  coil over shocks
Frame - full tubeframe chassis
Harness - Simpson five-point

Think you can handle one of these?

Are you a Ford fan?  Chevy?  Dodge?

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Thunder Roadsters

The newest addition to INEX's racing family is the Thunder Roadster.  The Thunder Roadster should bring back many memories for people who experienced first-hand open-wheel racing during the '50s and '60s while offering younger fans a racecar that not only looks fast, but also goes fast.  Just like the Legends and Bandolero Cars, the Thunder Roadster is made up of the same winning tradition that has propelled the Legends and Bandolero Cars to the front of spec races.  The open-cockpit car utilizes a sprint car-type roll cage to protect the driver, and wide sidepods have been included in the design for additional safety.  The Thunder Roadster also features a driver-friendly long wheelbase that will be a great asset for road racing in addition to competing on asphalt and dirt ovals.  An open cockpit gives fans a great view of the driver at work, as well as great visibility for the driver.


Wheelbase - 96"
Overall Width - 61"
Overall Length - 14'3"
Height - 44"
Engine - Yamaha 1250cc
Weight - 1300 lbs.
Tires - BFGoodrich Comp TA 235-60ZR15
Wheels - 8" X 15"
Suspension -  coil over shocks
Frame - full tubeframe chassis
Harness - Simpson five-point

The tradition continues.



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Bandolero Cars

Using the same magic formula that made the Legends Cars the most mass-produced competition car in history, 600 Racing, Inc. has produced the Bandolero Car.  The Bandolero Car is a turnkey, spec-series racer designed for drivers as young as eight years old and the young-at-heart at any age.

"We wanted something to go between a kart and a car and wanted to make it relatively simple for everybody to use, said H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler.  "For example, like a kart, the Bandolero Car has left-foot braking and a centrifugal clutch so there's no shifting of gears for a new driver to worry about.  Simplicity and economy of design are evident everywhere, with 150 parts making up the entire package--just half of what goes into making a Legends Car."

The Bandolero Car's motivation is provided by a thumping Briggs _ Stratton 570cc Vanguard engine mounted behind the driver.  Small modifications have been made to bring the once 20HP stock engine to nearly 30HP.


Wheelbase - 70"
Overall Width - 47"
Overall Length - 10' 9"
Height - 34"
Engine - Briggs _ Stratton Vanguard
Displacement - 570CC
Horsepower - 30 HP
Weight - 550 lbs.
Tires - BF Goodrich
Wheels - 17" X 7"
Suspension - coil over shocks
Frame - full tubeframe chassis

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